Expert Embroidery Tips

The essential rundown of everything you need to know about these must-have embroiderer's tools. How many do you have in your sewing room?

Beautiful machine embroidery results begin with choosing the right stabilizer for your project. Stabilizer is the foundation for a successful embroidery project, so let’s learn more about it.

Laura from Trash to Couture shares her tips for machine embroidery on a baseball cap and wicker sun hat.

There are times when an item cannot be hooped. This may be because of the shape of the item, or the location where the embroidery will be placed. Learn how to embroider hoopless with this tutorial.

Get creative with these examples of different color schemes and different types of fabric using OESD's Painted Florals Applique collection.

Understanding the different parts of a needle, sometimes referred to as needle anatomy, will help you better understand what type of needle is appropriate for your embroidery project.

Just how do you embroider a cap on a home embroidery machine? This tutorial will show you!

Properly hooping fabric to be embroidered requires skill, but has the greatest payback, resulting in matching outlines, pucker-free fabric and smooth, neat stitching.

A good percentage of embroidery issues can be solved right away. Here are some questions to ask yourself and conduct your own private investigation to administer first aid to your embroidery.

Learn some best practices in the use of needles and threads for your upcoming embroidery projects.

Delicate embroidery designs stitched onto lightweight or sheer fabrics in white, off-white or pale pastels make it heirloom embroidery.